How payments on account work
What next after incorporation What needs doing with your new company
Self assessment tax returns for directors
Sole trader self assessment tax return
Completing your self assessment tax return
Do you have to complete a tax return

So, who must fill in a self assessment return? Do you have to complete a tax return? Well, amongst others, you’ll need to complete this annual task if: You are self-employed You are a company director (generally speaking) You have savings & investment income above a certain level You have property income above a certain… [Read More]

How to save on accountant fees

If you hire an accountant, you will want to make sure that you are getting value for money.  Here are a few tips which may help you save on accountant’s fees, which may or may not work for your particular business. File your invoices and receipts and reference them to your records. Fill in your cheque book stubs, keep… [Read More]